Images of Spitfire final stages

Exhaust header and carburators installed

Headlights and valances installed

Rear silencers installed

Old wheels

Old wheels

New wheels installed

Total redesigned electronics, 9 relays and 22 fuses installed

New seatcovers installed

New seatcovers installed

New carpets installed

Loudspeakers and back cover installed

Clutch and master cylinder installed, including new fuse box

Engine side view

Spoiler and numberplate installed

Rear numberplate installed

Interior finished

Seats fitted

Engine with air guides, left side

Front bulkhead, left side

Front bulkhead, right side

Engine with air guides, right side

Engine, right side

Engine, left side

Bonnet opened, two gas springs supporting the bonnet, right side

Bonnet opened, left side

Radio mounted

Special design front speaker mounting

APK testing

APK testing

With softtop closed

Without softtop


Just in time for our wedding!